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Thursday, October 14, 2010

4 down!!

It's late so writing a short note tonight. Fourth chemo today...getting harder. The past week has been a little harder on Danny. Doesn't feel great. Relaxing this weekend. Rent a movie..stuff like that.

Everything else is going ok. Getting ready for baby, although..still don't think everything is ready...

Ok...that's it for tonight...can't stay awake and have dishes and laundry to finish up. Please continue to pray for Danny/us. Also, for all the nurses, Dr. and everyone at the cancer center...they are wonderful and very inspirational to us.


  1. Sending good thoughts and prayers.
    And as far as having everything ready for baby.... looks like you're on top of it all! Baby is lucky to have such a loving home to be brought in to. xoxo Erica