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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

16 years old!!

Big week...can't believe Derek is going to be 16 tomorrow! Can't believe alot of things right now...

It's not quite the event I was hoping for..you know the "typical" get a car for your 16th birthday and have big party. Yes, I know lots of people can't do that. But, as a parent we soooo want the very best for our kids. Especially when they are so responsible, compassionate, faithful and well behaved.

Very low key this year, we're going to have his favorites, tacos, chocolate cake from scratch..(never done that..keep your fingers crossed) and mostly just hanging out here. Can't really go out too much anymore...

Please continue to keep Danny/us in your prayers..he is quite frustrated with not feeling good and not being able to do what he usually does, money (or lack of). Anyway, we still need them..very over whelming.

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