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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Third treatment

Ahhh, beginning to not care for Thursdays. Danny had third treatment this morning...roughest one..the iv was driving him crazy, room was cold..just some "little" things...they add up when your stress level is so high. The nurses are great..same ones every time and we like them very much. We had an appointment with the nutritionist this morning when we first got there...she is really great, except for we kinda already have more knowledge than most on foods..she was impressed! LOL

Doing ok now, just relaxing after a nice lunch here. Hoping he feels good this weekend.

I've had a somewhat of a rough week..perhaps just pregnancy hormones, or the sheer amount of stress..? When everything piles up..bills, major money issues, sickness...when it is all at once..it is so hard to see through it, to see the "light" at the end of the tunnel. What do you do when things seem to be getting more stressful rather than letting up?? What do you do when you think maybe God is not currently listening to you.. Am I not learning something I am supposed to? Is He waiting for me to do something? Is he is waiting to answer? I have no doubt that at anytime God could change things...job situation, cancer healed, money issues easing up...but, it's questions like what if He doesn't answer, or how long? It's best if those questions are pushed to the back of your thoughts..but, sometimes they are too much.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekend is here!

Weekend is here! Danny had another shot yesterday...hoping he doesn't get awful sore like last time, the shot is to boost white blood cells. Which weren't bad at all...they just want to keep them up so he can stay on his treatment schedule. Otherwise, Danny is doing good this week...yayyyy!! Very thankful!

Home game this weekend (football), women's soccer game, chili, great friend coming home from working out of the country...perhaps doing something in baby nursery...very excited!

Kids have been busy with tennis and homeschool. MacKenzie has started The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe and Derek is reading Little Women. :-) He likes to read the classics along with his regular reading. The are coping very well with everything, we have very open communication in our family.

We got awesome blankies and baby tub this week! (Thank you, thank you to my aunt!!) We're almost ready for him...should we have a girls name too just in case??

Happy weekend to everyone :-)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nursery too

I have had a very rough couple of days...well..we all have. So, feeling better (mentally) today...MacKenzie and I sewed a couple of burp cloths and a pack n play sheet! It fits...yes, I am surprised, and quite proud of myself! Looks great. So, I'll not whine or be fussy in this post..my mom got most of that on the phone. She may need a drink, LOL. I'll just post a couple of pics.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Happy weekend...Danny not really feeling great this weekend..seems to be harder on his stomach this time

Soooo...Danny painted the pic in the nursery...and I put chili in the crockpot while waiting for football to start tonight. I get to wash baby blankies! Danny did such a great job! Hope you like..

Friday, September 17, 2010

Second chemo

Yesterday was second chemo treatment. I went and got the kids halfway through...MacKenzie now knows what's going on...the basics anyway. She did very good, met the nurses and sat with Danny. She was very fascinated with the comfy chair that moves with pushing the button. Kids are great! The nurses all stopped in to meet her. Derek came, wanted to just hang out in waiting room and read. Which is totally fine with us.

Danny is feeling ok (better than last time) VERY tired though and kinda hit by a truck feeling. Going to relax this weekend, hopefully gets something done to get ready for baby. Getting closer.. And hoping to go to church this weekend.

We appreciate continued prayers...right now, along with healing for Danny and a healthy baby, I'm praying for Danny a job, (an inside job)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Well, Saturday Danny got up and could hardly walk..the shot that boosts your white blood cells, they said there could be soreness...yeah, really? They weren't kidding!! So we pretty much just hung out all weekend. He couldn't really do much..sooooo unlike him. Sunday, we went to church.. it was great..on worry! (how did they know?) not really supposed to because of all the people. But, we sat in the back and left before everyone else got up to leave. I used to think people who did that were rude and disrespectful...perhaps I should mind my own business...maybe one of them is on chemo and doesn't want extra germs!

Monday, ran seemingly endless errands..mostly paperwork stuff. Still not done. He has 2nd treatment on Thursday...I can feel my anxiety already. Knowing he won't feel good this weekend.... last Friday he had just started to feel "normal" again (1 1/2 weeks after 1st treatment).

Today, is baking, cleaning and laundry. Normal stuff..very thankful.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Going good

Danny had first appointment since chemo...they check his blood counts..(very tired of people poking him! ) Everything is good..his white count was a little low..not very much though. Had a shot to boost it, so he can stay on treatment schedule. He's tired, alot, but, doing well this week. Very thankful for that! Still working on mountains of paperwork for financial help and health care, seems to be ongoing.

We're going to work on baby's room today..well it's really part of our room. But, nice he has his own space. Perhaps I'll wash more baby clothes and blankies?? ;-)

Also, working on finding families for 2 of our doggies! If you or know someone let me know. They all cannot stay. It's just too much for us..(ok...me)

Thank you all for your prayers, messages and calls. We still need them (lots of them), so please continue to keep us in your prayers. Have a great weekend! I'm cooking chili again tomorrow!!...Game day!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day weekend

Saturday was the best day we've had in a very long time. Cooler weather is here, made chili in the crockpot, and watched the first Notre Dame game of the season. Not that I'm into football..but, like the atmosphere of it. And it makes Danny happy...soooo.

Had a good day Monday too, Labor day, I forgot is was a holiday weekend...perhaps I have too much on my mind...you think??

Danny is doing good.

Getting any sort of help, is, well awful. Everyone wants to know...how are you paying for this? (if I only knew) I have no answers as of now...tried to explain situation to a finance person today..(for my pregnancy)...she said something like...don't need to explain the gory details..are you kidding me?? I was trying to explain my family situation..geez, lady..really?

Anyway, I like weekends, no appointments..no phone calls...it's quite lovely actually. Perhaps they could change the weekend to 5 days a week.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It begins

Went to oncologist this morning to get results of PET scan...we...I say we 'cause he and I are in it together, started chemo today....the stress of doing this is unbelievable. And unless you've been through this...well, don't ever say "I know how you feel"...trust me...you don't.

The staff...once again..amazing! Could not ask for nicer, more compassionate people. So very, very thankful for them and their attitude. Danny is doing good..think he's starting to feel the affects of the "treatment"...I'll keep you posted. The words "therapy" and "treatment"...doesn't that sounds like it should make you feel better? or be "therapeutic"...Maybe that's just me.

On the way home...we stopped and got ginger candies and new vitamins. (he takes them anyway).

Please pray for him...for the kids...they are handling things well so far...Pray for new baby too...hopefully he can't feel the stress.