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Friday, September 10, 2010

Going good

Danny had first appointment since chemo...they check his blood counts..(very tired of people poking him! ) Everything is good..his white count was a little low..not very much though. Had a shot to boost it, so he can stay on treatment schedule. He's tired, alot, but, doing well this week. Very thankful for that! Still working on mountains of paperwork for financial help and health care, seems to be ongoing.

We're going to work on baby's room today..well it's really part of our room. But, nice he has his own space. Perhaps I'll wash more baby clothes and blankies?? ;-)

Also, working on finding families for 2 of our doggies! If you or know someone let me know. They all cannot stay. It's just too much for us..(ok...me)

Thank you all for your prayers, messages and calls. We still need them (lots of them), so please continue to keep us in your prayers. Have a great weekend! I'm cooking chili again tomorrow!!...Game day!


  1. Keeping you in my heart and sending only the best thoughts! You really are a treasure! xoxo Erica

  2. have you contacted River Bend Cancer Services?

  3. no..haven't heard of it.I'll look into it tom!