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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Well, Saturday Danny got up and could hardly walk..the shot that boosts your white blood cells, they said there could be soreness...yeah, really? They weren't kidding!! So we pretty much just hung out all weekend. He couldn't really do much..sooooo unlike him. Sunday, we went to church.. it was great..on worry! (how did they know?) not really supposed to because of all the people. But, we sat in the back and left before everyone else got up to leave. I used to think people who did that were rude and disrespectful...perhaps I should mind my own business...maybe one of them is on chemo and doesn't want extra germs!

Monday, ran seemingly endless errands..mostly paperwork stuff. Still not done. He has 2nd treatment on Thursday...I can feel my anxiety already. Knowing he won't feel good this weekend.... last Friday he had just started to feel "normal" again (1 1/2 weeks after 1st treatment).

Today, is baking, cleaning and laundry. Normal stuff..very thankful.

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