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Thursday, September 2, 2010

It begins

Went to oncologist this morning to get results of PET scan...we...I say we 'cause he and I are in it together, started chemo today....the stress of doing this is unbelievable. And unless you've been through this...well, don't ever say "I know how you feel"...trust me...you don't.

The staff...once again..amazing! Could not ask for nicer, more compassionate people. So very, very thankful for them and their attitude. Danny is doing good..think he's starting to feel the affects of the "treatment"...I'll keep you posted. The words "therapy" and "treatment"...doesn't that sounds like it should make you feel better? or be "therapeutic"...Maybe that's just me.

On the way home...we stopped and got ginger candies and new vitamins. (he takes them anyway).

Please pray for him...for the kids...they are handling things well so far...Pray for new baby too...hopefully he can't feel the stress.

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