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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Third treatment

Ahhh, beginning to not care for Thursdays. Danny had third treatment this morning...roughest one..the iv was driving him crazy, room was cold..just some "little" things...they add up when your stress level is so high. The nurses are great..same ones every time and we like them very much. We had an appointment with the nutritionist this morning when we first got there...she is really great, except for we kinda already have more knowledge than most on foods..she was impressed! LOL

Doing ok now, just relaxing after a nice lunch here. Hoping he feels good this weekend.

I've had a somewhat of a rough week..perhaps just pregnancy hormones, or the sheer amount of stress..? When everything piles up..bills, major money issues, sickness...when it is all at once..it is so hard to see through it, to see the "light" at the end of the tunnel. What do you do when things seem to be getting more stressful rather than letting up?? What do you do when you think maybe God is not currently listening to you.. Am I not learning something I am supposed to? Is He waiting for me to do something? Is he is waiting to answer? I have no doubt that at anytime God could change things...job situation, cancer healed, money issues easing up...but, it's questions like what if He doesn't answer, or how long? It's best if those questions are pushed to the back of your thoughts..but, sometimes they are too much.

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