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Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekend is here!

Weekend is here! Danny had another shot yesterday...hoping he doesn't get awful sore like last time, the shot is to boost white blood cells. Which weren't bad at all...they just want to keep them up so he can stay on his treatment schedule. Otherwise, Danny is doing good this week...yayyyy!! Very thankful!

Home game this weekend (football), women's soccer game, chili, great friend coming home from working out of the country...perhaps doing something in baby nursery...very excited!

Kids have been busy with tennis and homeschool. MacKenzie has started The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe and Derek is reading Little Women. :-) He likes to read the classics along with his regular reading. The are coping very well with everything, we have very open communication in our family.

We got awesome blankies and baby tub this week! (Thank you, thank you to my aunt!!) We're almost ready for him...should we have a girls name too just in case??

Happy weekend to everyone :-)

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