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Friday, November 12, 2010


This is a quick post..never been so busy!!

Noah Reed was born on November 10, at 1:03 in the morning!! He is so amazing!
7 pounds. We were at the hospital for 22 hours..nurses and midwife were so great and so very kind. We wanted it just to be us and kinda of quite event and they were so accommodating. They also let us leave early..due to everything else going on..
Noah is very laid back and VERY alert...truly a blessing...I just don't have words for what we feel right now..I feel like he is the light at the end of our tunnel..does that make any sense? Danny is just smitten and the kids are in awe. I am in love.

I'll put some picture up..maybe that'll say it better. I'll write more later..Danny had 6th treatment today..so continued prayers please :-)


  1. Oh my - sniff sniff! I am so happy for you - really, SO VERY HAPPY! Praise God!

  2. Beautiful Mama, Beautiful Baby, Beautiful Family. Congratulations, happy baby moon!

  3. Sooooo beautiful. Congrats to you. :) What a blessing.