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Saturday, November 27, 2010

A very thankful Thanksgiving.

I've been waiting for this moment of brilliance to write and update. Waiting for a moment that I'm not sleep deprived and utterly exhausted.. since this appears to not be anytime soon. I'll just update everyone hoping it makes sense...hard to do on little to no sleep. Don't bother fixing my grammar and spelling for this post..as I do not have time to answer the email or fix it. I have thank you cards that have not been sent out, (much less written..thinking about it though..does that count? Emails that have not been returned and facebook messages that I've scarcely had time to look at.) And the phone keeps blinking at me.

After only a few days of baby being here, Danny had pain with his lungs..a eccocardio gram and chest CT was ordered by Dr. They showed GREAT news! His heart looks great, and CT shows cancer all but gone!! Which means treatment is working!! Thank God! It does mean though that the treatment should continue. 6 more to go... His platelets were low last week...so treatment was delayed 'til next week..also has to do with holidays too...

Happy Thanksgiving, yes, indeed a very happy Thanksgiving. We have very much to be thankful for. Too many to put on this post I'm sure. Very thankful that Danny is healing, thankful that Noah is here, thankful for Derek and MacKenzie, and thankful my mom is staying with us to help.

Got out the Christmas decorations today. Looks lovely. Very excited to bake and makes things with the kids. Not going to be much in way of material gifts..but, it will be most special indeed!


  1. YAY! I am so happy for you...it truly is going to be a blessed holiday season!

  2. I know Mackenzie is your helper, but would love to have her over to play w/Whitney and the girls sometime soon!