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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas party, birthday, Danny oh my!

Still so busy! I can't believe Noah is going to be 4 weeks tomorrow! He's getting bigger and ohhhh soooo sweet.

Danny had his 7th treatment last Friday...although now I'm counting down instead of up...sooo 5 left. He did good, lots of distractions this weekend, so that helps. He has a very stylish new hair cut..it's the Vin Diesel / Tim Stevens look ;-)

We went to our favorite Christmas party this weekend..it's our favorite we go every year...horses, Christmas tree, friends, and quiet. Fun for all of us.

Ok..cannot believe Christmas is almost here! I love Christmas and the traditions of the season..part of me, with everything going on, doesn't feel Christmassy though.. trying to do fun things with the kids (without the shopping) lots of baking and making things. As a parent, we want everything to be perfect.

Today we are getting ready for Danny's birthday tomorrow..having spaghetti and his favorite cookies..peanut butter kisses. He is truly the most amazing husband and the best daddy ever.

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