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Monday, October 25, 2010


Busy week last week.. So much to do. Found a great family for one of our doggies...very hard to let him go..need to let another one go. Might need a couple days to think about that..

Had appointments this week..another shot for Danny. He's doing good, his attitude could not be better. He inspires me. A little bit of sore throat Friday night..makes us nervous..took lots of vitamin C this weekend, chicken soup and didn't go out at all. Feels fine..no sore throat. Yay.

I had baby appointment..everything fine..had the most amazing midwife. She talked to me about everything going on for a hour..(I'm sure she had better things to do) but, it meant so much to me and made me feel better.

Suppose I need to write on my blog when I'm not in a hurry...but, so hard to focus on much of anything lately...so I just write as fast as I can...yes, I'm sure you're surprised.

Listening to MacKenzie playing last night and this morning..with her Littlest Pets..about one of them being pregnant..no money..food..and taking care of Daddy so he doesn't catch a cold...ummmmm...think I'll keep an eye on this.. LOL. The kids are doing good though. We always talk about everything so they ask questions whenever they want or think of them.

Very thankful this week for Danny and the kids..for baby on the way..SOON..for the amazing pumpkin, chocolate pancakes Danny made Sunday morning. Thankful that Danny is feeling good and didn't get a cold. Thankful everytime..(which is often) that the kids laugh. For their good attitudes and hearts.

Thank you again for your continued prayers and messages through email and fb. :-)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

4 down!!

It's late so writing a short note tonight. Fourth chemo today...getting harder. The past week has been a little harder on Danny. Doesn't feel great. Relaxing this weekend. Rent a movie..stuff like that.

Everything else is going ok. Getting ready for baby, although..still don't think everything is ready...

Ok...that's it for tonight...can't stay awake and have dishes and laundry to finish up. Please continue to pray for Danny/us. Also, for all the nurses, Dr. and everyone at the cancer center...they are wonderful and very inspirational to us.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

16 years old!!

Big week...can't believe Derek is going to be 16 tomorrow! Can't believe alot of things right now...

It's not quite the event I was hoping for..you know the "typical" get a car for your 16th birthday and have big party. Yes, I know lots of people can't do that. But, as a parent we soooo want the very best for our kids. Especially when they are so responsible, compassionate, faithful and well behaved.

Very low key this year, we're going to have his favorites, tacos, chocolate cake from scratch..(never done that..keep your fingers crossed) and mostly just hanging out here. Can't really go out too much anymore...

Please continue to keep Danny/us in your prayers..he is quite frustrated with not feeling good and not being able to do what he usually does, money (or lack of). Anyway, we still need them..very over whelming.