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Saturday, January 29, 2011

doing good

I took this pic this morning during pancake breakfast. Ohhh, Noah is so happy, such a sweet baby. Everything is going good..no job yet. Danny running slight fever but, feeling good..didn't even know about the fever. So, hopefully he won't get a cold or anything. Feeling a little stuffy myself :-(

Anyway, he'll have next to last treatment this week. Blech! Almost through..

Kids are doing good...Mac is working on an evening gown for herself..she's very excited ;-) Danny and Derek are...well....playing video games..something about Black Ops..LOL. Noah taking yet another nap. Sounds good actually.

Now Mac wants to be a fashion designer AND a dentist now (she went to the dentist earlier this week who is a friend of ours..and loved it) LOL

Hope everyone is doing good and thank you for your continued prayers. Thank you so much!!

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