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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Not much here..Danny has PET scan tomorrow, we are very optimistic..weighing a little heavy on our minds though. Lots of job hunting going on too.

Weather is changing, you know you've been in the North too long, when 50 degrees sends the kids outside whooping and hollering.

Noah is 18 weeks..can't believe it! This morning, he thought it was so cool to fling a bowl of Cheerios across the room, laughed so hard! It was an accident of course.

Focusing a lot on cooking, baking and the ingredients in everything. Still can't believe the junk they pass of as food. I made coconut blueberry pancakes for the kids yesterday..(not Noah) tastes better than it sounds. Let me know if you want the recipe ;-) Noah loves organic bananas.

Noah does NOT however, like sweet potatoes!!

That's it for today..need to clean and take Noah on walk..

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