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Friday, August 13, 2010

Almost the weekend!

Today we have a meeting with medicaid...should be loads of fun. NOT. Lots to do today, need to make sure everything is in for Derek to start college! No idea how I'll pay for it yet..

Still thinking about having a baby shower..I suppose it would be stress I don't need right now?

Yet, another article today on early puberty for girls. I've known about this since MacKenzie was little. We don't buy regular milk (we buy organic or Silk) and watch the meat intake. (really hard to do when you don't have money). All while given weird looks, and rolling of the eyes by family. This is ALL connected the chemicals in our environment, in our FOOD! We live in a toxic world, we need to do everything we can as parents to be aware of this. Fight and stand up for a better food system. The cancer rates are soaring (as we know all to well). Is everything about money. Why are things not done for benefiting man (and woman ;-) kind?? I know it would be more helpful and probably better for my sanity if I just didn't think about this. But, with children, what we are going through, and a NEW baby on the way, don't I owe it to my family?

Hey, this is super, went to the medicaid office, apparently they say we're not eligible for ANYTHING!!! REALLY??? Are you kidding me? So, a secret, apparently everyone else perhaps already knows...there is no middle. You either make alot of money and the appropriate insurance through your work. Or you make nothing and collect every sort of help there is. There is no middle. People who have the ability and desire to work and bring home some sort of paycheck....those people are not rewarded for their efforts. People who can't get out of the "pit"...people who don't work at all or do anything. THOSE people are helped. Ohhhhhhhh, the woes of our "system". Why is this how things are done? Who the heck is this REALLY supposed to benefit?? and where is the nearest bridge?? (she says only half kidding) So what?...no one really cares? That answer is very clear. What is this?...Let's see how much stress they can handle??

The picture I posted on the post is Danny making the pool a wave pool!! What you can't tell by the picture is how hard MacKenzie was laughing! My husbands grace and patience inspires me beyond words..it always has. Now more than ever though. (the picture is after the stressful meeting today.)

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