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Monday, August 9, 2010


I love the weekend, places are closed on the weekend, everything and everybody is busy. Such nice distractions. Today is back to homeschool, and cleaning the house, it's cloudy and suppose to rain today..so won't get the distraction of being outside.

We all had a great weekend, very positive attitudes coming from both Danny and myself. We were outside alot..one of our favorite places to be. Swimming, bike riding and cookout with very good friends. Ate good this weekend as well..very light. Made some tea..green tea with ginseng.

Went to church yesterday..Rob(pastor) talked about interventions...and intervening on someones life...what if you're the one who needs the intervention?? Do you ask or pray for it??

We are very thankful for friends and family who are praying for Danny and our family. Please continue!!

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