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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Trying to distract myself today with housework, homeschool...later today is the consultation with the surgeon for the biopsy. Not fun stuff.

I know people mean well, but, they sure come out of the woodwork with ideas of instant healing..."take a teaspoon of red cloves you'll be healed in 9 weeks"...Really?? Cause I"m pretty sure if that were true, it'd be known..would be amazing if it were so..but...
I know that they're trying to be helpful and they're not trying to be insulting. (I'm trying to be nice here.)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am well versed in the harmful chemicals in our foods, parabens and other toxins in products from baby lotion, shampoo, to make up. And as often as I can afford it, I make our purchases accordingly. Organic fruits whenever possible, and so on. I loathe microwaves, very picky about what we eat and put on our bodies. I tend to be the "odd" one of my husbands family. (something I'm VERY proud of, LOL) Clearly, they don't know us, like I thought.

That's ok, my focus (as my mom reminded me) is Danny, kids, baby, FUN, laughter, of course our relationship with God. HEALING.

Looking forward to the weekend..where that'll be the focus...FUN!!!

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