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Friday, August 20, 2010


Well, today relaxing (kinda) from the stress of this week. Doing alot of design research. I have talent, ambition...seem to lack the ability of HOW to put it all together to get paid at it, LOL. I'm crazy busy, designing, helping with personal shopping stuff (mostly kid's stuff, which I enjoy). So brainstorming ideas for that...

Decided things are too hectic to change rooms for everyone now..going to make the addition in our room the nursery for the baby. For now. Then he'll have the bedroom upstairs and Derek'll get the basement room (which is perfect for a teen). So, going to work on that, which poses a small problem..in which we don't actually have any baby "stuff" to put in there! LOL I'm sure I'll come up with something or at least some ideas to work towards. Found a great site for art..very affordable. http://www.trendypeas.com/ And, think Danny could build some book ledges for displaying and holding picture books, which I love to decorate with. I'll post pics for everyone.

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