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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wednesday hurdle

Ok...never slept Tuesday night..at all. The staff at Memorial was great, the Dr. was great...they took what was a very stressful situation for us and made it the best possible. Very thankful for that. Everything went great, we were there a total of about 4 hrs. It only took about 15 minutes for the actual surgery! Back home early afternoon. The kids were great and MacKenzie had decorated a poster and windows...very thoughtful. Derek too, of course.

The waiting begins I suppose.....we won't know anything for about a week. That's ok, I think. I...we need the break. Still praying...........

I took in papers to Bethel today for Derek. He's excited, we got a class schedule..most of the classes are during the day..I thought there would be more classes offered at night...(um....I think I need another car!) We'll figure it out I'm sure. LOL

We have gotten lots of emails, calls and messages from friends and family praying for us....THANK YOU!! Please continue to pray.

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