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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Sitting here Sunday afternoon...had great weekend..bought diapers!!! I know you're all thinking WOW they are soooo exciting! LOL, I thought it was very exciting to buy babies first diapers. :-)
We did that Saturday after having chocolate pancakes while listening to Derek teaching MacKenzie fractions...ahhhhh!! There are advantages in having big age differences between kids.

Went to church today, love listening to Mark (pastor) speak. MacKenzie had friends there today, so she was very excited. Derek's at movies with cousins, MacKenzie and Danny went on bike ride to the ND soccer game...I washed baby cloths in mallow baby soap...again, I KNOW you're all giddy with excitement.

(also, we've had several people ask about where we're registered for baby...we're on amazon.com and thank you for asking :-)

I'm sitting here writing, Danny's getting corn on the cob ready for our cookout, organic chicken brats, and salad. (I've been extra picky about what we're eating) And, MacKenzie's doing homeschool on the computer...ummm perhaps I should be helping! LOL

We find out later in the week about Danny........please continue to pray...as I'm praying for false alarm...

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